Frequently Asked Questions

Can Legion help me even if I am outside of Idaho?

Yes. We can assist you in any state you claim residence in, even any ex-patriots living abroad.

Where is Legion located?

Our mailing address is 9 Main St. #775 Pinehurst, ID 83850.

What are your hours of operation?

You can text, email, or call anytime. We can take a call after normal business hours if scheduled in advance. We are closed Sunday. We operate in Pacific time. We have clients in many different time zones, so we cater to their needs, often working whenever our clients are awake. Teaching abroad in Kuwait and need a meeting in your timezone? We can. Staff is available typically within 18 hours of contact. Email preferred.

What is the preferred method of communication?

Email. That way everything is easily recorded. But we can communicate through phone text, phone call, Zoom, and Google Meet. Sensitive information is handled through encrypted email or our client portal.

How do I get my documents to the firm?

Via Intuit Link. Our paperless client to accountant portal. You can watch a video about it below. You do have the option to mail in documents through an executive session option.

What is a retainer?

A fee paid in advance to someone, especially a paid professional, in order to secure or keep their services when required. All of our fees are paid on retainer.

What are source documents?

A source document is an original record containing the details to substantiate a transaction entered in an accounting system. For example, a business's source document for the recording of merchandise purchased is the supplier's invoice supported by the company's check image for payment to the supplier. Another example would be a W-2 from your employer that substantiates your income on your personal tax return.

Should I donate my inventory for the "tax break" or sell it below my cost?

Sell it for whatever you can will be better than giving it away (from an economic standpoint). Want a detailed tax calculation example of that? Click Here

What methods of payment does Legion accept?

In order of preference - ACH Bank Draft (electronic check), and credit cards for most transactions. One-time payments can be sent via Venmo, Cash App, Paypal, Check, Cash, Stablecoins, Goldback, and Gold & Silver American Eagle Coins.

I need to get a loan and I have a small business. The bank has asked me for a Profit & Loss (P&L). How do I get that?
If you are an annual tax client and Legion does not prepare your financials on an ongoing basis your best bet would be to use your Schedule C Form in your tax return. Generally the Schedule C form is right after your main form 1040.