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Why choose Legion? Because you are taxed on the money you make...taxed on the money you spend...taxed on things you already own... and taxed again even if you try to give your money away. Your largest expense over your lifetime will be taxes. Working with a Certified Public Accountant is a must for everyone. 

We help you run your business and maximize your after-tax dollars. 

Praise from our Clients

"This was my 2nd year working with our CPA and again he made everything as smooth as possible. He answered any questions or concerns I had in a timely manner. It’s nice having a trustworthy person handling my personal and business financials." - Amanda

"I appreciated the honesty and how quickly the work was done. Much easier than tax act or other online options." - Alyssa B.

"The service provided by Legion Financial Services was extremely convenient and fast. I would absolutely recommend them for your yearly tax preparation." - Joseph Haigler

"Very friendly and professional, and the whole process was smooth and stress-free. We are definitely happy with our decision to have him do our taxes for us!" - Thomas

"We moved from NC to Utah in 2016 and our CPA made it so simple for us. He was fast and efficient and listened to my concerns and was always available to me for questions. I would refer anyone to him and this firm." - Marla N.

"Taxes went fast. Uploading documents was fairly simple." - Joel G.

"Thank you for making taxes painless at a great value!" - Holly B.

We are a firm of the future.

Legion Accounting Group, PLLC started as a way to help business owners more. Founder Sean Haire was an accountant working at a large national accounting firm. He later worked in a few other smaller and mid-size firms. He quickly learned that legacy accounting firms and "CPA Historians" were not helping business owners beyond filing their tax returns. He would see other firms rush through their clients' tax returns and kick them out the door while leaving the business owner to fend for themselves for another year. He knew there was a better way to service clients. Tired of his employers not changing, Legion was then born. Focusing as a managerial accounting firm. Tax compliance is an important and critical aspect of any business, there is so much more a business owner needs help with. The firm's mantra became "save as many steps for the client as possible." The firm decided to go neck-deep with a smaller circle of clients, rather than take the high-volume, less value approach. Helping clients with their taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, human resources, audit representation, and advisory services, has allowed the firm to provide extraordinary value for our clients. So they can focus on what they got into business in the first place, servicing their ideal customer! 

The accounting industry is going through a dramatic change. Just like video killed the radio star, the fundamental change to paperless and cloud systems has made the industry more efficient than ever before all to the client's benefit. You'll never have to bring us a bunch of receipts, no wasting gas or time, no paper, no hassle. Just efficient tax and accounting services. Moving somewhere? In this job market, you have to stay on your toes and move where the job is. Can your current accountant keep up with you? More than likely, in the past you've dealt with a "legacy" accounting firm. But with Legion, you can expect us to help you wherever you go; we're just an email, text, or phone call away. We are always with you. We are Legion. We are a "firm of the future." Let us prove to you the difference you can experience first hand, and you'll never want to go back. Schedule an appointment now. 

Mission Statement

To lead clients and employees to financial freedom.

Core Values

Integrity Ingenuity Wisdom

Our Purpose

To save the client as many steps as possible.

Principal Spotlight

Sean A. Haire, CPA

Sean's accounting career began in 2012. As a North Carolina native, he moved to Idaho to pursue an accounting degree at Brigham Young University - Idaho. Deciding in-state tuition was the best option, he furthered his educational pursuits at Boise State University to obtain a Master's Degree in Taxation. He loves sushi, board games, and passive income. He is a certified public accountant and is happily married with four children. 

Get to know your CPA further by connecting with Sean on Linked-In and Facebook.

Why hire a Certified Public Accountant?

There are people that love taxes (accountants) and those who don't... maybe even dislike, or even dread them. That is okay. We totally understand why people may feel that way. In the end, it is all about efficiency. Everyone can master something, but no one can master everything. Instead of struggling with tax preparation yourself, you can outsource it. Thus, giving you more time to make money at your current job, save hours of stress, and eliminate the risk of errors resulting in more taxes, penalties, and paying interest on top of those taxes and penalties! Do-it-yourself software is only as good as the user. Check out this article of a do-it-yourselfer, who ended up losing big to the IRS. Do yourself a favor and get a professional!

Certified professionals with integrity, and who provide outstanding customer service, are worth it. With a "firm of the future" like Legion in your corner, you can experience the difference when you have your own certified public accountant working for you. Save time, save money, and get on with everything else in life--with peace of mind, knowing that your taxes and accounting needs will be taken care of right, and with maximum benefit for you!

The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Public Accountant

Trusted Business Advisors

The heart of many successful businesses are CPA business advisors. CPAs see the success and obstacles of many businesses. CPAs provide the right mix of best practices and software solutions that can give you a direct edge over your competitors. 

Human Touch

Like a good family doctor that knows your medical history, you can develop a relationship with an accountant so that he or she understands your family's financial situation and future goals. According to Wehner, who has been preparing taxes for 45 years, "A tax professional is often able to make valuable tax savings suggestions that a software program just can't anticipate." The value of this advice can easily exceed the additional cost of consulting with a professional. For example, a tax accountant can provide you advice on tax-friendly ways to save for your children's education, or how to reduce taxes on your capital gains.

Certified Public Accountants Can Answer Your Questions Year Round

As a trusted professional, a good accountant will be able to answer important questions that arise not just during your annual consultation, but at other times during the year.

A Certified Public Accountant Saves You Time When Handling Complicated Issues

Taxpayers who find themselves at the center of complicated business and investment matters may even have the skill to sort through their taxes on their own, but is it worth their time? A professional tax preparer is so familiar with the system, he or she can quickly and easily accomplish tasks that might take even skilled taxpayers hours of research. For busy non-tax professionals, their time can generally be better spent earning money in their area of expertise. Even if your tax situation is straightforward, hiring a professional will save you the time and stress of doing your taxes.

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Overview of Services Offered

Tax Return Preparation 

Just like it sounds. Business entity and personal tax compliance on the Federal, state, and local income tax level.

Tax Memorandums

Written professional tax advice and guidance. Often used to help navigate a business or life decision and wanting to know the tax outcomes. Can be used to substantiate a claim of reliance on a paid professional in the case of an audit. 

Business Entity Selection & Creation

Business Plans


Bookkeeping can be an unfortunate and unnecessary trap for many business owners. Many try to cut corners and do it all by themselves. If you have messy books all your DIY savings will be eaten up by having your accountant fix all the mistakes. In addition, for every dollar of deduction you miss, you will pay typically $0.15 or more per dollar in taxes. Miscalculate your deductions and your adding several hundreds of dollars to your tax bill unnecessarily. If you have never done bookkeeping before and/or cannot answer the following questions comfortably, you may want to think twice about doing your books by yourself.

Payroll Services

The number one headache for small business owners! Do-It-Yourself software is never truly "one and done." The misconception is that you enter your hours and the rest will be taken care of. This is simply not true. Typically there are further steps to take at the state level that must be done outside of the software, which defeats the purpose of getting the software in the first place. Many small business owners attempt Do-It-Yourself payroll and get burned after a few months in, then getting a nasty-gram with penalties and interest from the IRS that a report wasn't filed correctly. Or even worse, the small business owner attempts to justify all their employees as contractors to avoid payroll reporting. This can end badly on two counts. One, the Industrial Labor Commission will find out, and they aren't kind to employers who shun their responsibilities. Penalties and fees will be many times over any Do-It-Yourself savings. Second, don't think about ever firing anyone, as the ex-employee may complain to the Department of Labor, which they will when trying to collect unemployment. Then you find yourself dealing with the Department of Labor, Industrial Commission, and the IRS who will look to you to pay FICA taxes you should of been collecting and remitting in the first place. Don't get hammered.

Profit Focused Consulting

Web & Social Media Presence Development

QuickBooks Training

Controller Services

We are a full-service managerial accounting firm. We can provide business support for almost everything. Leaving you time to just focus on sales.

Financial Advocate Service

Are you recently divorced or separated, and your spouse handled all the finances? Are you worried that you won't get a clean break on the assets in the divorce and proper alimony to support your home and your children? The firm can act as your financial advocate in working with your divorce attorney and helping you make this difficult transition in your life. We fill in the gap and handle all the odds and ends between what your divorce attorney will do and having a robust financial partner at your side.

Business Services

Do you have a business plan?

Do you know your numbers?

Do you know what you are earning per hour?

Do you feel like your business can adapt and capitalize on the market's needs?

Are you in compliance with federal, state, and local laws?

Is bookkeeping taking away all your time?

Do you know at what point it makes sense to pay interest?

If you saw your business on paper as a third person, like a bank, would you feel comfortable loaning it money?

You can make stronger business decisions by knowing your numbers, along with knowing which segments of your business are profitable and which aren't. By knowing what makes sense profit wise, you will feel more confident investing your personal resources and time into your business and in turn will create a stronger return. Most small business fail because they fail in the fundamentals. Anyone can spend money, but it takes effort to make it. 

If you could run your small business full-time and feel confident that you would make adequate money or more, you would probably quit your day job today. Why then, would you ever risk your family's financial future without a solid plan to make it a reality? Treat it for what it really is... a business.

Legion can partner with you to create a competitive edge against those in your industry. By executing the fundamentals and complying with federal, state, and local laws, your business will have a vast advantage to those that try to do everything themselves. Trying to stay as an army of one will hamper profitability. Is any successful and large business ran by just one person, top to bottom? At some point you will need to outsource portions of your business. Partner with Legion. Have a plan and control your business's future.

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How To Provide Your Tax Documents

About Us

Legion Accounting Group PLLC serves a variety of clients throughout the United States and citizens living abroad. The firm operates digitally in order to reach our clients globally in an efficient manner. Legion Accounting Group PLLC consists of an ever-growing list of accounting professionals from a variety of backgrounds. 

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